Mobile Gold Mining Equipment

Nowadays, conditions of the majority of rock gold mining become worse, large scale mining machine is limited by the condition. Mobile gold recovery plant is an excellent solution for small scale miners, because it’s flexible, convenient, movable, low cost and high recovery, it is used for small scale mining of rock gold or placer gold.



The plant is composed by hopper, rock hammer crusher, sluice box, gold separator, YC diesel generator, diesel engine, water pump and combined type frame etc, besides it equip mechanical leveling device which can support the system firmly, in order to ensure that gold particles have the optimum separation. 

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Mobile gold mining equipment B/L file for Sudan customer. This mobile gold mining equipment is for small scale gold mining and little budget. For more systematized process of mining gold please check our rock gold process production line.


Product Parameters

1.Overall dimension: 5600*2100*2100mm

2.Running speed: <30km/h

3.Bearing capacity: 5 T

4.Stretch distance of mechanical leveling supports: 480mm.

5.Bearing capacity of mechanical leveling supports: 64 T

6.Output of generator: 8kw

7.Output of engine: 30HP

8.Output of crusher: <2.5mm(80% plus)

9.Crushing density of crusher: 30%-45%

10.Feeding density of sluice box: 18%-25%

11.Feeding density of shaking table: 20%-25%

12.Clean-up cycle of sluice box: 2h-4h

13.Capacity: 1-2 t/h

14.Oil consumption: 6 L/h

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