STLB Gold concentrator

Gold centrifugal concentrator is an efficient equipment for recovering free gold in all particle size ranges, especially for recovery of fine gold which lost during the operation of the gravitational concentrator (sluice boxes and jigs). It can be used not only for placer gold mining, but also for hard rock mining to recover the natural gold, replacing amalgamation, and recover gold from the old tailing.


Main Features

1.  High recovery rate: Through our test, the recovery rate for placer gold can be 98% or more, for rock gold, the recovery rate could reach 97% when the feeding size is below 7mm.

2.  Easy to install: Only a small leveled place required. It's a full line machine, before starting it, we only need to connect the water pump and power.

3.  Easy to adjust: There are only 2 factors that will affect the recovery result, they are water pressure and feeding size. By giving proper water pressure and feeding size, you could get the best recovery effect.

4.  No pollution: This machine only consumes water and electric power, and exhaust tailings and water. Low noise, no chemical agent involved.

STLB Gold concentrator(图1)Working Principle

The gold centrifugal concentrator operates on the principle of centrifugal force. A slurry consisting of a mixture of water and crushed ore is fed into the machine at one end. As the slurry enters the spinning bowl, the centrifugal force causes heavier particles, including gold, to migrate to the outer rim of the bowl. The lighter particles, such as sand and gravel, remain closer to the center of the bowl and are eventually discarded. The gold particles are collected on the outer rim and are periodically removed from the machine.



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Gold centrifugal concentrators are commonly used in the gold mining industry, as well as in other industries that require the separation of fine particles from a slurry. They are especially useful in situations where traditional gravity separation methods are not effective, or where the gold particles are too fine to be recovered using other methods. Additionally, gold centrifugal concentrators can be used in conjunction with other equipment, such as trommels, sluice boxes, and shaking tables, to create a complete gold recovery system.


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Packing and Delivery

1.All the goods will be delivered in 15-30 working days after receiving payment.



Product Parameters

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Fluidization water (m3/h)2-33-57-1030-3660-8080-100
Slurry Water (m3/h)1.5-45-78-1235-5070-100100-120
Feeding Density(%)0-500-500-500-500-500-50
Feeding size(mm)0-30-30-50-50-60-6
Concentration Cleaning Up CycleVein gold 1-3 Hours // Placer gold 2-6 Hours
Concentrate weight (kg)210-2030-4060-7080-9090-120
Dimensions (mm)790*785*7901180*1140*12501970*1670*17502300*1800*22002400*2000*23002600*2200*2400

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